2018 Preparing for Change

Every year is interesting isn’t it? Sue’s job in Essen finished last year so we expected her to be working from the UK this year.  Since there is no permanent job for her in the UK  she will leave next year. After 5 years commuting 1000 miles a week to work and living away from home Sue is pretty tired so we are planning a rest. We fancy something to invigorate us both in 2019.  An extended holiday seems to be a good idea at this time. 


A trip to Australia maybe also going to New Zealand could be part of our plans; so might renting a villa in Menorca in the off season, Brexit willing, so we can stay a bit longer than the usual 7-14 days. Visitors would be welcome in Menorca. You can fly cheaply from London all year and the accommodation would be free!


Craig was awarded his Ph. D in July ,  and he’s still working at the University.

Claire left the High School for Buzz Bingo! They gave her sweets in her welcome pack and that was a sign of things to come. They appear to be a good employer; I’ve rarely said that before. They live their values. She even gets to call bingo this week, and last week Claire was in the media as an Elf; not bad for an accountant.


May’s trip to Corfu was interesting.  They were just so friendly. The waiter asked Adrian to go drinking with him and taught us some Greek.  The owner gave us free drinks and food most days. Even the days when we didn’t eat there he called us in off the streets and gave us drink!  He says he set up his restaurant to see people enjoying themselves, not to make money. Now there is a man who lives his values.

We’ve had a nice trip to Sandringham too, to the Queen’s caravan park. Adrian checked all the caravans but she wasn’t in any of them.   We had the usual trip to Menorca. This time we looked at houses for rent ready for next year. We thought we might be able to take a villa this October but Sue found out she doesn’t leave until next year. The sun and living outdoors makes us both feel much better.


Friends had been asking us to go to the French Alps to use their chalet for a few years now. Unforetunately we had to decline the offer since he was also a supplier with a business relationship to Sue.  Now Sue’s role has changed we were able to take up the offer! It was a very welcome break and we came home feeling much better. It was a lovely place very close to another friends chalet, and not far from Thonon. We went up the mountain, along Lake Geneva, and had lunch on the ski slopes in August. It was much warmer than I remember it when skiing.

Of course Adrian had to test out the croissants and chocolate bread and so we visited every service station on the motorway on the way home! Yes, they definitely make him ill too. Of course, the pleasure is worth the pain sometimes. being Adrian, he is working out the formula for optimal enjoyment. If you restrict the intake of what makes you ill, you will value the reduced amount more per ounce, and the pain will be be reduced. So there is still enjoyment to be had from making yourself ill! Kool. But now we know the limit is well below the intake consumed on this trip. One positive thing came out of it though, the truck drivers get much nicer toilet facilities than ordinary travellers. And no-one can stop a determined man with a strong need.

We visited Eric and Teresa in Bath too for their wedding Anniversary and stayed at Wookey Hole with the witches.  Adrian was well behaved this time so we had a relaxing time just before Sue returned from sick leave in June.


Sue’s sister Julie moved to Cornwall in November so we have somewhere to stay down there. With Pickering on our holiday map too we are well covered. With the caravan we could even make it to a place near you. So watch out.

There isn’t really much time to work. Adrian is getting the house ready in case we rent it out for a while and rent something cheaper. That would help until the pensions come in. It’s just an idea but we are working on it.  Adrian has also started writing his novel. We’ll see how that goes; it is a fascinating learning experience. It shows how weird the brain can be and what crazy things it can create. We doubt it will earn any income but it is fun and there is so much more to writing a novel than it seems at first.


Adrian has continued to be investigated for what is causing his medical problems and we are a bit further down the line. Next investigation is the immune system! That will probably be last investigation. He will have had every test the doctors can think of. Next step is to volunteer for some medical experiments and research. We seem to be out of chartered territory now, so that is always exciting. An operation could be done to help but it is too risky, so we are avoiding that as long as possible. Isn’t it great to get older.


Adrian was planning a party for his 60th birthday but was in hospital instead. They did unspeakable things to him with instruments that left him not feeling in a party mood. Maybe we’ll celebrate next year instead. 


Sue is slowly returning to work full time, though its taking longer than expected. We wonder if she is still suffering the effects of the Lymes disease or the infected wasp sting she got in Essen.


We are in over Christmas so you are welcome to visit us any time until 2nd Jan for mince pies and drink of all kinds. There is always soup on the go too.  And we promise not to talk about health issues. Although we did get a top tip about this: as you get older you are allowed 5 minutes to discuss health issues when you meet then you can’t mention them again. I think we’ll meet in small groups.

Or if you can’t make it you could just leave us a comment on the site or send your favourite poem or story or music or videos for us to publish in BANG!